Thank you for being patient with the refund process.

The process of issuing checks to all participants who purchased admission has now started. They will all be mailed on Friday 11/9/12.

For verification as well as record keeping purposes please email your Active purchase receipt to elektrikstreakmanager@gmail.com. If you have already done so please disregard this notice. Feel free to email any questions at the above provided address.

Checks will be mailed to the credit card billing addresses provided on the receipts.

Thank you for giving us a chance and as I have stated before, I am deeply sorry about disappointing you guys.

It would have been a great event.


To all,
I apologize and I am sorry.

What went wrong with ZMBLND? Why did we cancel The Elektrik Streak? I failed and I take full responsibility for the event shortcomings. Yes we only had 9 people working for an expected attendance of 1500 people and yes we only had 1 porta-potty for an expected crowd of 1500. Yes we only had one obstacle ready for the race. Yes we ran out of t-shirts early.

I apologize to all the people I have disappointed. Amazingly enough some people still thought the concept was great and wanted to know if I had any future events planned. I doubt that will happen anytime soon. I apologize to them the most for letting them down.

I apologize to my two investors who left their families in New York and New Jersey to come and help run the event. They can’t even fly home tomorrow to be with them in this time of great uncertainty for them.

I apologize to the people who had to travel long distances and alter their plans to participate in the event.

I apologize to the people who wanted to make this happen despite the great challenges.

I apologize to the sponsors who trusted me with their brand equity.

For those of you who care to know, this event is not a scam and was never planned as such. I have dedicated every working hour for the past many months to make this event a success. Many of you who claim this event to be as such still walked away with a t-shirt and a medal knowing full well you will get a full refund the next day from Groupon no questions asked.

For most of you, no matter what I say, it will sound like excuses, so please stop reading, I have wasted enough of your time.

So let’s take it step by step.

Less than half of the people who committed to work as contractors and volunteers showed up. Actually none of the volunteers who were assigned to be the obstacle observers, the registrars, the first aid crew, the finish line crew showed up.

As I stated before, I am ultimately responsible for the fiasco because no matter what I am the one who failed to vet my crew and make sure I had more on stand by.

How did that impact the event? We had to pull away resources from building the obstacles to crowd management as the 10 am wave (our most popular wave) was getting larger by the minute, being swelled by the earlier waves that had not been released. So after we set the tires and struggled with the cargo net climb for a while we decided it would be unsafe to utilize it and put it aside. We still had plenty of obstacles to set in the van and never got a chance to get the mud ready.

What happened to the bloodbath and porta-potties? The same company that was supposed to deliver the dumpster and 6 portable restrooms I had ordered never showed up. Park management graciously provided us with the only one of their units that could be moved at around 11 am. We already had 700 to 800 people in attendance by then.

Why did we run out of t-shirts early? If you reread your instructions for the people that bought ZMBLND admission the deadline to register for the t-shirts at the event was be the 15th of October or it would be shipped later. Being severely understaffed, checking the date of registration became less of a priority for us than having the participants processed quickly. We handed the t-shirts on a first come first serve basis.

At one point we had to make a decision. Let the crowd get bigger and create a health risk for participants or stop the event before it got too out of control for our meager resources. I still believe that canceling the event was the right call for the health and safety of all concerned.

The probability of having a company deliver porta-poties on a Sunday midday was negative 5% so I also had to cancel the Elektrik Streak as well. The stage, sound and lights that were scheduled to be set for 3pm had to be canceled as well.

If you think that was an easy decision you do not understand the mechanics of the deals that many of you purchased. I would have only gotten $15 ($30 divided in half) per registrant (800 plus) since the majority of participants came from Daily deal sites. So it’s not like we would be rolling in the dough just by taking your money and running. And it would be absurd to think that either sites would just refund all of your purchases and not hold me accountable. Let’s not forget the tens of thousands of dollars of debt that I incurred in putting this together. So I am actually much worse off financially tonight than if I had not put on this event at all.

To add insult to injury while we were trying to negotiate a fair payment from whatever we could scrounge up between ourselves to make sure the guys who actually showed up to work didn’t go home empty handed, our tents and equipment were stolen and the cargo net climb as well ($2000). So if you run into a brand new cargo net climb with white rope on Craigslist, it probably is courtesy of ZMBLND.

I am not asking for pity or even sympathy. These are the facts. I went in eyes wide open I’ll face whatever the music will be.

Through this event I met many great people whose opinion of me might not be as high as I would hope it to be but I still feel that having interacted with them enriched my life. I do not regret having met them.

I created something new and different (the interactive obstacle run) that captured people’s imagination and got great coverage in the press. I am sorry I let them down but I do not regret attempting to create something unique.

My focus now is to help make the refund process for both ZMBLND and Elektrik Streak as painless as possible for all concerned.

Please forgive my lack of preparation and overly ambitious plans.

Thank you for giving Elektrik Streak a chance.
Marc Lissade.